An Acoustic Guitar Amplifier An Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Find your ideal acoustic tone,

If you've only played acoustic guitar unplugged, you'll be amazed how a great acoustic amp can bring your performance to life. BOSS Acoustic Singer amps feature bi-amp design for vibrant, high-definition sound, 3-band EQ, chorus, and independent reverb, so it's quick and easy to transform your acoustic tone from warm studio rhythms to punchy live solos. Rely on a rich and resonant tone that brings out the natural flavors of your acoustic guitar, from a compact amp that follows wherever your music takes you. And as the venues get bigger, you'll always find a model in the Acoustic Singer series with the power and speaker size to support you.

Stage-ready features for gigging

When you step onto a stage with an acoustic guitar, you need to know your amp can support you. From rehearsals to that all-important gig, the Acoustic Singer comes along for the ride. Using the intuitive controls, it's simple to dial up a dynamic and feedback-free live sound, then fine-tune it during the heat of the show. With a range of input/output options, you can run direct to the PA, use the Acoustic Singer as a monitor speaker, or even stream audio from a mobile phone to enhance your performance. Plus, don't forget the onboard looper, which turns a one-man solo show into a symphony.

Choose the acoustic amp that
does it all

When budgets are tight, it's important to make the right choice, and BOSS Acoustic Singer amps stand out in a crowded market. Designed to be tough, tone-packed and simple to use, these flexible models deliver full-range three-dimensional acoustic sound direct to your audience, recreating the natural resonance and character of your instrument, even when you're using a piezo pickup. For singer-songwriters, the Acoustic Singer stands apart, too, with a dedicated mic channel whose delay/reverb effects and harmony function bring instant atmosphere to your vocal performance. No other acoustic amp ticks so many boxes.

The secret of great
acoustic sound

The most important factor for achieving great acoustic tone is the basic performance of your amp. The sound range of an acoustic guitar is wider than electric, and not every amp can faithfully capture it. In fact, for an acoustic guitar to deliver on its full potential, it takes an amp with a sound range and depth equivalent to pro-quality audio equipment. BOSS Acoustic Singer models have the full-range presence and definition to satisfy the most demanding players – plus features you won't find on any other amp.

Three reasons for buying
an Acoustic Singer amp

Bi-amp design for full tone & clean broadband frequency response

In a single amp design, one power amp is shared by both the tweeter and woofer, and the tweeter sound can become muddied as a result. The BOSS Acoustic Singer amps are different, using a bi-amp design, renowned in the pro audio industry as one of the best methods for realizing clear and natural sounds. In bi-amp design, the power amp is equipped independently for the tweeter and woofer, allowing each power amp to be tuned individually and so optimizing both speakers' sounds. For the player, a bi-amp design delivers tight, high-definition sound with ultra-clean broadband frequency response. It's also ideal for playing rhythm box and streaming music for jam sessions.

Hear your guitar's true voice
with Acoustic Resonance

Whatever acoustic guitar you play, BOSS's unique Acoustic Resonance feature is the key to bringing out its true voice. In most stage guitars, piezo pickups can sound cold, hard and sterile. But the Acoustic Resonance feature compensates for this, recreating the missing body and string resonances, and restoring the elements that are essential for truly natural acoustic sound. There are no complex controls – just press the Acoustic Resonance button and tailor your sound to your tastes.

Enhance your tone with
guitar and
vocal effects

The Acoustic Singer range goes beyond great natural tone. Vocalists and guitarists alike can experiment with the onboard reverb, adding depth and space to the sound, and making your performance more expressive and dynamic. Plus, across the amp series, you can choose the model that suits your needs, whether that's the Acoustic Singer Live LT with Enhance effect for full, well-defined vocal tones, or the Acoustic Singer Live/Pro with Harmony effects for generating harmonies perfectly tuned to the key of your song.

Find your
Acoustic Singer amp

Basic Common Features

All amps in the BOSS Acoustic Singer range have core features in common. The three models are all built on the foundation of a bi-amp design with custom-designed woofer and dome tweeter. They all offer the Acoustic Resonance feature that brings warmth and balance to piezo-equipped instruments, plus independent three-band EQs, reverb for guitar and vocals (and chorus for guitar). In addition, there are also useful features for gig and recording such as an aux input with level control for backing music, XLR and phones/recoding outputs, and a USB audio interface for computer recording/playback. But with each model designed to meet different musicians' needs, there's an Acoustic Singer amp to suit you.